I’ve been getting very mixed messages about my role on this planet. I have not fully understood what I’m doing or why I’m here. I have been struggling.

So I’ve been pulling cards and getting closer to facing my fears. Today I feel I have taken a giant step forward in conquering those fears.

As my cards told me, seek clarification, I began to meditate, raise my psychic antenna and soon became aware of a presence in the room. It wasn’t scary it was just there and he came over to me. I felt safer than I normally would in this situation as it was Jesus.

As a child, I was educated in a Catholic school so I have only ever seen Jesus as a kind person, while also recently becoming aware of his relationship with the Essenes and his overall spiritual presence. I identify with his message more and more each day and cry over the Catholic churches representation of the religion he proposed.

Anyway, he came to me and said, let’s go for a walk and we did. He took me down the hall into a different room in my house we then got into a little tube thing and I began to get anxious because I immediately had thoughts of bad things. However, he calmed me down and reminded me my soul is mine and mine alone he cannot do anything to tamper with it as I am in full control. We had a nice conversation and ended up in a green space with a river and homes. I followed him into a small area with adobe built homes it seems abandoned, to which he responded you are not letting yourself see.

I found myself surrounded by creatures that to anyone looking from earth would call demonic but they did not seem demonic they seemed neutral almost pleasant. Because I was with Jesus I felt safe and he told me he would stay with me to protect me through every encounter with spirits I have. I believe him.

I think today was eye-opening. I think I am one of the few who have been able to break through this life and realize it is bigger than we have realized. I am excited to trust myself enough to recognize those around me that need my help. More than a few times I have longed to pull over when I see someone grieving. However, the unknown has stopped me. Now I realize spirit is meant to awaken within me. Spirit is pushing me to interact with these spirits. It is okay to be connected.

I am worth it. I am knowledgeable. I have been fine-tuned as a soul to connect to and be with the spirit world. Last night I dreamed of a polar bear, which represents guidance to the spirit world. It is all coming together. Intuitive hits, soul families, we are one.


Today Is A New Day

The day has always been how it will be. Weather is independent of the day. Only the day brings lights, only the day brings a new beginning. That’s the thing about days. They are new. In reality the terms, month, year, week are made up when it comes down to it, it’s just another day.

Like all other days today was different, just as the day Christ was born was like any other day, today was a day just like the rest when Christ was not born. Think of all the days that pass by and nothing as dramatic as that event will ever happen again. Who are we to say that today is Tuesday? Who are we to decide that now is the time to do something?

This sounds absurd for many who have been sucked into a society that humankind has made. But here it the thing, humans have determined what is right and wrong for millennia, now it is time for them to see that they are not the ones who actually determine rights and wrongs.

Perhaps it was because of the imbalance that society has turned on itself in this way. Perhaps it was when Atlantis, a feminine culture, fell and a new one had to be created to turn the tides of life. However, now is no longer the time of the masculine culture and it is getting more and more noticeable as time continues.

The Me-Too movement, the turning point for women’s inferiority over men, a time when the masculine scale began to tilt in favor of equality evermore. Not to say this writing is supposed to be a manifesto for the feminist movement, just to point out that times are changing, men who do cruel things to women will not be put up with in this day and age. It will soon come full circle.

You see it starts small. It starts with a group of people discussing, it moves on to one girl writing, the book gets published and suddenly no one will stand for bullshit anymore. The empowerment of women is becoming ever more unsettling to those fighting to stay in charge. I mention those fighting as to say that not all people are upset about this, but due to the low self-esteem, the toxic masculinity that has become a problem, those who get insulted when a small flaw is pointed out, I must watch my words.

The point being made is that life is a circle. Life is an immeasurable, immense rotation of life, death, life, death, life, just as the economy rises and falls, life rises just to fall again. A relationship has its own share of rises and falls, yet not every one of these falls leads to an actual death in the relationship, something does die in each stage of this, just as a new aspect a bright shiny new thing rises up to give life to the relationship in a different way.

This is what must happen with us and our planet, with the human race and many aspects of how it works and lives on this planet we call home.

The humanity we have has been tarnished by wanting things fast and wanting things now. The subject of patience and understanding have been lost among the culture of wants and needs. Too many people believe they deserve everything yet do not work for their needs. Karma works in its own way and it is not up to us to determine when to work out karma it us up to the universe to decide how to distribute and give back karma.

Your trauma is valid, you are allowed to feel pain, it is not your place to be someone else’s pain because they are yours. Whether or not you notice it in your reality, their karma will come. It is not a human job to distribute karma. It is a human job to accept karma, to stay grateful that you have been given the experience in this life to rid yourself of this karmic wheel of life. To rid your life of your demons, by forgiveness and gratefulness.

This all sounds much easier than it is believe me but think about it like this. Why would you not want to be the bigger person? What part of you believes that that person has to pay for what they did? Is it because you are still hurting from what they did to you? Are you still hurting because you refuse to forgive them? Have you ever thought that maybe the reason you are still hurting is because you haven’t forgiven them? When you forgive someone you let it go, you decide to live your life even though they hurt you, even though this happened you are allowing your soul to release your problems and release your negative experience. Why would you want to hold on to your negative experience?

Belief is the first thing we need

I’ve been thinking, do you remember learning about Nazi Germany in school and having a teacher ask you, what would you have done if you knew this was happening by you?

I think about this a lot especially since realizing what is seriously wrong with the country as I see it today. I am starting to realize, as people in the past have realized, that now is the time to act. If we act now we will save ourselves from regret and the guilt of, why didn’t I stand up when I could?

Why did I not take that chance when I know the worst that could happen for me is death which is not the end of me? I am not afraid of death so why should I be afraid to stand up for what I believe in? I believe the things holding me back are purely beliefs. Change your thinking change your life.

If we collectively decide to stand up for those who are less fortunate, to choose not to allow what is happening to happen, then I believe we will see the change we need to fix the wrongdoings of our country. We all know this country is heading into some territory not fit for our future as humans on earth.

The earth is changing, she will aid us in our transition. The fight must begin somewhere, why not you?

Every revolution starts with a group of people deciding its time to stop. Its time to end the way of looking at the world that leads to fear and sadness, It is time to stand up for what we believe in and it is time to truly begin to work for our future.

No one said change is easy. The only thing you need to do is believe it’s possible if the effort it made.


Inside every human

Lay a beautiful spark.

So intricate and bountiful

Its hard not to leave a mark.

Each human is different

From looks to ways

Each spark is the same

Coming from all cosmic Rays.

No human is left out.

No one is apart.

Only some do not notice

This biological art.

For where one might lack

Another is there

Paying careful attention

To when and to where.

To feel like an outcast

Is to feel very left out.

But one has to notice

What life is all about.

Life throws your issues

Back up in your face.

Only those who confront them

Can run in life’s race.

Though it feels distant,

Your thoughts from mine.

Each human is humming

With thoughts from the sublime.

Separation exists only

In the illusion of space.

When we get back to real life

You’ll see life’s true face.

Education Reform

Lately, there have been so many issues with the new superintendent in my home town. It is particularly hitting a nerve for me because I am a product of my high school, of my home town, people are saying they want the high school to rank higher nationwide but this bothers me to no end. Rankings are not important. Schools are meant to produce citizens, not test-takers.

Each student is a whole person, forced to attend the school in his district. I was lucky enough to go to a school where they did not put emphasis on their rank, even though my high school was and still is in the top 20% of the country. I was able to be who I wanted to be without the teachers being too stressed to get grades up. Grades were made for the times when we were all being trained to go into factories. We are in a different world. The education system is old. It needs to be reworked. It needs to be rectified and rearranged to reflect the world of today and not the world we used to live in.

The new superintendent seems to be acting like a politician to the teachers in question, not listening, avoiding questions, hiring consultants to aid in her saving of the school district as opposed to asking teachers for aid in understanding what problems could be fixed and where they need support. This is obviously not a helpful situation. The woman in question often ignores teachers, ignores emails, cannot have a civil conversation, these are all signs of an unjust, unfair leader. Who would want to work for this boss?

My issue is, this education system is obviously not worried about our children’s future. It is worried about its present situation. It wants to be somewhere now. Education does not work this way. Children need to be nurtured, politicians need to be nurtured first.

People don’t want to go to the past for fear they might change something small and make drastic consequences in the future, why do many believe they don’t have the power to change things now?

My dream told me to tell you to vote.

I woke up with a dream. Last night my friends and I needed to get something. We needed to rob Sandra Bullock’s house. This is the first open writing surface I could find and this is why I’m posting it here but I am just confused as to why I had this dream.

In the dream we took my car, we pulled off a heist to ruin some sort of plan that she had and her kids ran outside to check if the security lights were on at the end of it. Somehow we got away with it. I ended up with expensive champagne in a water bottle. This whole dream seemed like something out of a Bond film and I merely wanted to touch upon it because perhaps the reason I had this dream is because, this is what we must do to live the lives we hope to live.

There are those who think they know everything. People who do whatever they want because they have the money to do it and no one else is stopping them. The government at the moment is a bit on the dysfunctional side if anyone has noticed. I am thinking my dream about Sandra Bullock’s overly priced, well staffed, mansion, being taken by storm and reworked under her nose may be a vision of what I see happening to the government in years to come.

People underestimate the current 18 – 22 year old population. We are a group of souls here to cause an upheaval in current ways of being, many of my friends have a soul path laid out for them they are just starting to actualize. The point is there is a voting population of unselfish, trustworthy, educated people who are sick of the government thinking they can walk all over the population.

It’s more important to vote now, people are being shown what happens when they don’t vote for people who support them. If there is no one there to support you, run for yourself. The horrible decisions made my congress lately is showing the younger population what voting is for and why it’s more important than ever to have your voice heard.

Life gets better when your opinion is heard. Vote, please.

The Light of Your Own Godliness

Happy Memorial day! I want to tell myself to take a break from writing today but I know that will not help me get into the habit of a post a day. I took a class on creativity in college and we talked about creating healthy habits in order to develop creativity through a routine. I believe this is what I need to do in order to become the writer I strive to be.

Today was tiring I knew today would be like this and I am only now finding the time to be by myself. I dislike when that happens but nothing to do but be.

I am excited I got hired to read tarot cards at the dowsers convention. The same woman who got me into this convention has just told me about an online school of metaphysics where you end up with a P.h.D. in metaphysics. I have submitted an application.

Life is coming through bit by bit it is falling together, I am one with God, we walk together because at my core it is me walking with another version of myself.  I am my ego, my higher self, my past lives, blending together to create a human experience only my own to show others how to live in the light of their own Godliness.