Stop caring about other people!

If the only way to success is hard work than you’re going to end up an accountant in the middle of a company FOREVER. you need hard work of course but you also need a path. A goal is the only thing you can manifest in life, you really can manifest things by the way.

A goal needs to be the only thing you think about, dream about, breathe, eat, drink. So obviously it needs to be something you like or this scheme won’t work out. But the other thing about manifesting is you have to be EXCITED about it. By excited I mean it has to be something you actually enjoy. I knew I wanted to be a teacher because of the joy I have when I interact with a kiddo and aid them in seeing the world from a new point of view. The joy never goes away even when the job gets tough. My goal currently is to become who I am supposed to be. I feel that has great cosmic importance to my generation and I CAnnot wait to embrace my full potential.

Happiness is the path, Buddhism tells us the four noble truths:

  1. All people suffer
  2. Suffering is caused by want
  3. To abolish want is to abolish suffering
  4. Follow the path.

The path is happiness. The four noble truths of Buddhism are aids in discovering your true path. Your path is not shown until your suffering is over because you cannot be happy whilst suffering.

In its simplest, Buddhism teaches detachment from everyday acts and in this bliss is reached. I took a year or two to really do this and my life completely changed. Keep in mind I am 20 years old and the fact that I was able to completely understand this is most likely coming from my past lives. I am working on understanding those more myself as well.

Do not dwell on the past. Dwelling leads to unwanted unhappy memories that have no business being remembered. It is unnecessary in the least to even begin to feel offended or hurt by other people saying how they think or feel. Other people are not you, other people have different lives, different genes, different MINDS. The only thing one should do in the situation is accept their opinion, say “I don’t agree”, and move on. Moving on is the first hurdle in detachment

To Move on is to let go, forgive, allow. Allowing is the ultimate way of life. Be conscience be invested, but allow efforts to play out as they do and DETACH from the outcomes of your actions. Accept that they happened, use this knowledge of events to push your future life but allow feelings of annoyance, disappointment, or sadness to be kept in their day and time.

Treat each moment as a new moment. the only reason we have a moment is that of our human manifestation of being. We are infinite beings sprung into the cosmic game only those who understand and escape the circle become one.


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