I went to a Catholic school from first grade until the eighth grade and life kind of sucked. I didn’t get spanked or anything interesting like that, but I did learn all about Catholicism, and after careful consideration, I have figured out that it is not for me. I do not believe God has rules, I believe when you are truly good you know to be good because why would you be anything else?? projecting positivity brings you more positivity who wouldn’t want that??

When looking at religion from an outside perspective it’s interesting to note most of them have a beginning with a person. Joseph Smith for example “lead the Mormons to salt lake city” he started a religion because he found some gold plates and god told him that only he could see the gold plates so he cannot show anyone these gold plates and THERE ARE SO MANY MORMONS.

My point is there is only one man who said this thing about Jesus and people believed him with little to no proof, so much that he formed an immensely popular new religion.

Anyway, this post is labeled Hinduism because unlike most other religions, Hinduism is the only frequently practiced religion with an unknown originator. Not to say the texts associated were not somehow propagated by a person but to say, wow that shit has really been around for a long time and the ideas behind it seem actually valid.

Take the Ashtavakra Gita for example, it is a “Gita” or song where a Hindu god talks to us and explains that the Universe just Is and that is that. My favorite part: “All that is not can never be and all that is may never cease.” As in everything is just here and the material world is a phenomenon with bursts of life every here and there.

This existence is purely due to the evolution of human beings, so as to allow the cosmic awareness to manifest itself individually in each of us.


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