My card of the day today was the three of swords reversed as in its a day for moving forward, forgiving, and letting go. This has been the theme of the week it seems. However, it is actually probably the theme of 2018.

We all can agree 2018 was not a great year, with natural disasters, poorly made government decisions, and cosmic alignments up the whaazo humans, at least the ones around me are OVER IT.

I believe 2018 should be left in the past. We all should take the events of today and allow them to live in their place and time, allowing is the first step to forgiving, moving, changing, GROWING. In order to grow, one must allow growth. To get hurt then continue hurting because of that time in the past you got hurt is absurd. Once you have learned from your pain you should be free to go do not allow your pain to hold you in place.

I’m all for getting broken up with and spending a weekend in bed but when the weekend is over its time to get up and MOVE ON.  Re-download tinder and fuck some shit up because that three-month relationship does not need to be dwelled on, only learned from then DROPPED.

FORGIVENESS IS A SELF-CARE ACT NOT A SIGN OF WEAKNESS. Love yourself and let other people fuck up their own lives!



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