The Beginning

So this is where it begins. I am Universal. The only way to become what I am is to believe that I am. The Universe has been pushing me to start blogging and here I am after watching a TED talk about procrastination by Tim Urban, I realized that I was procrastinating what I’ve been sent out to do.

I firmly believe I have been called here to guide our human conscience life into the age of Aquarius. We all have the power to feel our power and use it. Females most dominantly, this is why our society has for so long decided to repress the female form. As females raise into self-love we raise into self-power. Feminity is the power of compassion, the intellect of understanding emotion.

As for my philosophy, I believe what we see is a product of our own reality if you believe you are a teacher you become a teacher, the motivation of actualizing your full potential, knowing the possibility to change the world is in your fingertips, pushes you to fulfill the predetermined path you are happy to take.

The thing about human life is that its hard. A difficult set of tasks is before us in the FAKE society we have set up for ourselves. We need to balance our concepts of society and fitting in with our group-oriented living patterns by our needs to fulfill our emotional reasoning to be here. Some people get overwhelmed with their own abilities or possibilities and spiral into a decent of youtube videos and weed.

I’ve been a victim of Youtubevideosandweeditis I know I have things to offer to the earth on a global scale and I need to share these thoughts before it is too late. At 20 years old I am beginning my fight to raise the vibrations of human life. The fifth dimension is upon us have you discovered your eternal self yet?




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